Monday, January 10, 2011

Doggie Howser is a little to sassy for me.

I can not believe my parents ever let me watch Doogie Howser MD. Sommer and I decided to go for it and get Huluplus. You only live once yah know.  Overall we are disappointed with the Huluplus but one thing it does offer is all four season of Doogie Howser MD. I was very excited to relive my youth and watch this wholesome, God fearing show to better my life and my relationships with those around me. Despite having the greatest intro song in the history of TV sitcoms (Golden Girls, Full House and Growing Pains are a close second)  I'm convinced Doogie Howser MD makes Jersey Shore look like Seventh Heaven before the oldest one had a baby out of wedlock. This show is just out of line. By the third 3th episode the 16 year old Doogie must give his girlfriend Wanda a pelivc exam and in the second episode Doogie has to choose wither or not the impregnated a fellow doctor who is 40!!! Where we're the moral standards I remember so fondly in the late 80's early 90's?

Despite all the debauchery, what I love the most about DHMD is Vinney. Vinney is Doogies golden girl. He is his friend and his confidant. Their relationship, like any good friendship, gives each person perspective on life. Its funny how different relationship bring to light different things. This week I was with good friends new and old who encouraged me and brought me joy. I was with former students who showed me my purpose in life. I spent time with God who gave me strength and wisdom. I spent time with family who gave me rest. I even had an experience with an Austrian women who wanted me to put her groceries on her handicap scooter in a place where I didn't feel comfortable. She taught me how to be patients and love people despite how crazy they are. This week I was reminded that life is all about the relationships you have not the relationship you don't. Some are strong and help define your life like Vinney and Doggie.  Others are short but show you things you don't expect. No matter what relationship you have you can't have them unless look for them. This week I encourage you to open your eyes to the people around you. Let them encourage and convict you. Let them into you life and let God move in ways you don't expect.

Thats all for now. Sorry about how late this post is. I was in Santa Rosa celebrating Andrew Mark's life. Some had more fun than others... it was awesome! See you again friday.

Thanks God for moving in my life in such a way that causes growth in me!

P.S. I made it all week with only one box of Cocoa Batons. Because of my success Sommer and I are now going on a no good food diet. I feel a new blog topic coming on.