Friday, December 31, 2010

Petite Cocoa Batons

I have an unhealthily relationship with a snack food. When I started working at Trader Joe's I knew I was going to get rocking abs and korean street cred but I didn't know I was going to become an addict. For a mere $1.50 you can get 5oz. (142g) of what I feel like Mana tasted like in the desert. Seriously the Israelites would go crazy for this stuff. They would say, "Quail again, bummer, I want Cocoa Batons from heaven!" Because of this obsession Sommer has banned them from me. She told me this week that I could only eat one box. I agreed because my wife is smarter than me. I didn't want to but she is much much smarter than me. After we pinky swore to it she said, "Michael can I trust you to do this?". This question made me think a lot about trust this week. I think if we made two lists, one with people we trust completely and the other with people we can't trust I think the second list would be 5 times as large. People have just stopped trusting each other. Working a grocery store I know this to be true. Every time I finish ringing someone up the first thing they do is check the recite. It makes me sad that someone can't even trust that I only charged them for one 19 cent banana and not two.  It's only 19 cents but sadly I don't blame them. In a world with identify theft, high divorce rates, scamming politicians, TMZ and everything and everyone is questionable. This isn't how we are supposed to live!  Matthew 18 talks about how we need to never stop forgiving people. It describes how to bring resolution and we need to follow that example. Tonight is New Years eve. The last day of 2010. Instead of making a list of resolutions that say you will lose 10 pounds or be better with money I say make a list of people you need to forgive. People who in 2011 you are going to give a fresh start to. Personally I think the first person should be your local grocery store clerk, but it's your list, you do your thing, but know it's not as easy as you think. Open yourself to letting God move in your life as you take a hard step forgiving people that don't deserve it.

Thank you God for moving in my life in such a way that causes growth in me!

I told you I wouldn't write long blogs. I meant it this time.

P.S. This whole time I was writing this blog I have been eating Cocoa Batons. I have 5 days and half a box left. Lord give me strength.

P.S.S Thank you all who are reading and telling others to read my blog!! So far 4 country have checked in. Shout out to whoever is in Malaysia !!

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  1. I don't know what a cocoa baton is and it probably would go against my 2011 resolution to eat better and become a "hot mom," but I want one.