Friday, December 17, 2010

So I suck at this.

Here's the deal, I'm bad at writing. I have never been a good writer ask my mom. I am sure I have good thoughts, thoughts worthy of a blog with subscribers in the teens, but putting those thoughts to blog is hard for me. Like P90X hard, but something I have learned from God lately is that God moves when we are faithful to him in things that are hard, things that don't come naturally to us. So be forewarned, this blog will be extremely flawed grammatically with little to no use of correct punctuation. But, know that this blog is my effort to see God move in a way that new to me.  I know overlooking my literary shortcomings will be hard for some of you but this is the Story of Nunan not the story of how Nunan got a D- in 7th grade English. Please look past the grammar and please see the story of God at work in this time of my life where I'm seeing him in ways I never thought I would.

A little background, the title of this blog comes from a conversation I had over a burrito bowl a couple weeks ago. This conversation happened after a brutal week for me. This week was in the top 5 of worst weeks ever for Michael Nunan.  Even above the week I got Pink eye as an adult. In this particularly hard week I was tired. I was angry. I was lost. I didn't know what God was doing and felt forgotten from a God that I thought loved me. To the rescue was a friend that spoke to me out of truth and experience in the feelings I was having. He told me two things I will never forget. 1, "Don't waste your pain". I needed to use the experiences in my life for growth and not for pity. I needed to stop being upset and start thinking of how I can use this unique and rare opportunity for change. 2. " Don't forget to tell the story of Nunan". In my times of doubt in myself and the character of God I need to remind myself of what God has done and all the things he promises to do in my life. I needed to be faithful! This title represents me being faithful to God, reminding myself how much he loves me despite whatever circumstance I'm in.

Youth leaders growing up always gave me opportunity for life changing choices at special youth functions. This meant for me that Christmas, Church Halloween Party and April Mexico Mission Trip was the tri-fecta of transformation in my student calendar growing up.  Whatever sin in my life or bad habits I had going would have to wait to be resolved until one of these events. This made for many poor choices in September and March for young Nunan growing up. Choices that at times developed character but mostly developed double standards for me as an adult when I tell my kids they can't throw waterballoons at cars from the top of the Malls parking structure. As I have grown up I have learned it doesn't take an, "event" to change my ways. The men of God that we all look up to in the bible, the men that showed us what it means to be faithful to God didn't wait when it came to following God. When they knew he was calling them to something new they acted immediately!!! They had a sense of urgency to their faith so that they wouldn't miss a single second of Gods power working in them.  In an effort to have that same sense of urgency in my faith I am not waiting until new years to start my new years resolution.  I declare that my December 17th resolution is to every Friday update this Blog.  Like I said before blogging is against my nature,  I suck at writing, but like I also said God moves when we do things that don't come naturally to us, things that we aren't good at.  I know that God has plans for me in doing this so I'm going to be faithful. I hope you enjoy all future posts and please comment if you have anything to say. I would love to hear your thoughts.  So, that's all for now. 

Thanks God for moving in my life in such a way that causes growth in me!

I promise that my future posts won't be this long.  I dislike long blogs.  Thanks.


  1. The hummingbirds are a nice touch.

  2. Hi, friend! I'm glad you're doing this.

  3. You inspire me, Nunan! I started a blog earlier this year, but despite the fact that I love to write, I haven't written a thing in months. I vow to start blogging along with you this year! Looking forward to hearing your insights! Miss you, friend!